Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks for all the support for the Alliance this election, though we have a new conservative government in New Zealand, even as we are sinking into recession caused by high oil prices, the Alliance policies are more relevant than ever. 2008 has been a tipping point in the free market growth at all cost world. The Alliance will be working to defend us from further 80s style wage grabs and Rogernomic policies. I look forward to the opportunity to continue with the Alliance in 2009.

Thomas O'Neill


cbmilne33 said...

Congratulations for your efforts in Tukituki electorate.During the period of time when we are not into the local/Parliamentary,etc elections you can get into being the Alliance Party Hawkes Bay etc organiser and start on sticking Alliance Party subscription forms into various local community newspapers plus Hawkes Bay Today etc to get every Alliance voter in Tukituki,Napier,Ikaroa Rawhiti,etc to join us as an interim occupation.Lets hop to it now and it would be less stressful in the election campaigns.

cbmilne33 said...

Ditto the above comments.

Francis Bell said...

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