Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why am I standing for the Tukituki electorate?

With climate change, peak oil and the financial market meltdown in 2008 we face some tough decisions. The Alliance and its policies are a bridgehead for New Zealand to an equal society and a sustainable environment.

What are the key issues of this election and why?
A fair economy in a new economic environment. The Trickle Down myth of Rogernomics didn’t deliver, except for income inequality and an increase in poverty. For the poor to get a little bit better off, the rich have to get much richer. When resources such as oil are limited, New Zealand risks turning into a floodlit golf course and a farm while the rest of us shiver in the dark. Time is running out for planned change to renewable and sustainable energy sources, soon we will have restrictions on growth forced upon us. Choose the Alliance to change your world.

What would the electorate gain from my election?
The Alliance will provide a raft of measures to support the engine room of the economy, the workers. Our policies include free education, free health care, 100% government power, affordable housing, and secure jobs as measures to protect New Zealanders. A progressive tax plan with a new financial tax on market transactions will replace GST. We will support workers by increasing the minimum wage to $17 an hour. The Alliance will increase superannuation to 72.5%.

How important is the party vote?
The party vote is about the policy of government, and the Alliance needs your party vote to return to Parliament. Vote for what you believe in, a positive choice in the Alliance will give New Zealand the real change that people want – real alternatives to the Douglas reforms.

My final message to the electorate.
The Alliance Party wants a major overhaul of New Zealand’s taxation system to assist low to middle income earners, and to pay for free education and a substantial boost for health spending, including free health visits. The Alliance is the only party outside of government to spell out where the money to cover its promises comes from. The key points are:
- First $10 000 income tax free
- Immediate removal of GST on food and phasing out of GST over time.
- Less tax for low to middle income earners on progressive tax scale.
- Introduction of a financial transactions tax.
- Introduction of a capital gains tax, with the family home exempt, as in Australia.

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Clifford J. Wirth, Ph.D. said...

Yep, Peak Oil is a challenge.

According to most independent scientific studies, global oil production will now decline from 74 million barrels per day to 60 million barrels per day by 2015. During the same time demand will increase 14%.

This is equivalent to a 33% drop in 7 years. No one can reverse this trend, nor can we conserve our way out of this catastrophe. Because the demand for oil is so high, it will always exceed production levels; thus oil depletion will continue steadily until all recoverable oil is extracted.

Alternatives will not even begin to fill the gap. And most alternatives yield electric power, but we need liquid fuels for tractors/combines, 18 wheel trucks, trains, ships, and mining equipment.

We are facing the collapse of the highways that depend on diesel trucks for maintenance of bridges, cleaning culverts to avoid road washouts, snow plowing, roadbed and surface repair. When the highways fail, so will the power grid, as highways carry the parts, transformers, steel for pylons, and high tension cables, all from far away. With the highways out, there will be no food coming in from "outside," and without the power grid virtually nothing works, including home heating, pumping of gasoline and diesel, airports, communications, and automated systems.

This is documented in a free 48 page report that can be downloaded, website posted, distributed, and emailed:

I used to live in NH-USA, but moved to a sustainable place. Anyone interested in relocating to a nice, pretty, sustainable area with a good climate and good soil? Email: clifford dot wirth at yahoo dot com or give me a phone call which operates here as my old USA-NH number 603-668-4207.