Monday, September 8, 2008

Conservation Week

This week is New Zealand Conservation Week, and to mark it the Alliance will be planting cabbage trees in Ahuriri reserve, on the corner of Watchman's road and the Expressway at 1.00pm on Sunday the 14th. Thanks to Mary O'Neill for propagating 20 trees for the Alliance and long time environmentalist Tony Billing for the planting site.

The Alliance party has recently spoken out against the Emissions Trading Scheme as unworkable. Crony Capitalism of the worst kind and another money making scheme for the rich.

A socioeconomic view of the environment needs to put the people first. Agriculture is the first priority for a sustainable environment, not the least, as the working class and poor rely so heavily on it. If we don't achieve a sustainable agriculture, we leave ourselves vulnerable to food shortages caused by climate change. Its no option to go back to the idealistic days of horses and carts, this won't feed the billions of people of the future.

I hope that we can all Change our World this week and in the upcoming election.