Friday, August 8, 2008

Storms lash Haumoana

Recent storms have lashed Haumoana, waves crashing into homes and eroding the foreshore. Residents who recently rented these properties were unaware of the possible dangers of storm seas. The conditions were so bad the tenants didn't have time collect prised personal photos and other possessions. Two more homes were condemned. How can the local authorities stand by while this sad tragedy unfolds.

One would think that by now the local authorities would be making everyone aware of the threats of coastal erosion and rising sea levels caused by climate change, but it seems it isn't so. These tragic properties may be the first in a long line of homes swallowed by the seas.

Alliance policy is to help councils provide cheap alternative housing with loans at below market rates if rents are set less than 25% of household income. We will fight Climate change by making New Zealand carbon neutral by 2030.