Sunday, October 19, 2008

A good meeting at Grey Power in Rotorua on Thursday 16th October with 100 attending. Each candidate was given 5 minutes to speak, but disappointingly many candidates gave yesterdays campaign speech reheated. We managed to distinguish ourselves by having policy that addresses Grey Power concerns. I have found that we have the best rates for superannuation - 72.5 % of the average wage. National always says they are going to raise it from 65% to 66% which sounds a bit weak beside our rate.
The Alliance will also end means testing for all, and increase aged care funding to improve quality of care in our rest homes.

Everyone who is very concerned about the economic crisis, none the least people who are relying on the super fund, are seeing Billions of dollars being wiped from the fund, mostly overseas. The Alliance will just pay you your super, and do it by investing in New Zealand. This will mean the government will buy up the electricity generators and other national assets, instead of giving the money to super fund managers, who take a huge cut, even when they are losing the country's money. We will guarantee super, and have cheaper electricity to boot.