Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sustaining our biodiversity

People preserve land biodiversity

In New Zealand and globally the loss of biodiversity has become a huge issue. The spectacular hugging New Zealand coastline in the future will depend on sea level rise and increased coastal erosion. Inland wilderness areas will depend on our protection.

DOC established that predators and habitat destruction are the main cause of declining native animal species such as geckos. Twenty one gecko species and subspecies are threatened in New Zealand. I rescued this Hawke’s Bay forest gecko from the track back to the forest floor. Geckos are a cold blooded animal, and therefore it is not unusual they are seen seeking exposure to the sun. Rather typically this gecko was found in the sunny spot on a winters day.

The Alliance stands for the right of people to
live in a clean, safe and healthy environment. We recognise that unlimited growth is not sustainable in a finite system.

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