Thursday, June 12, 2008


Welcome and Kia Ora
to the Alliance Tukituki electorate in Hastings.
This is our blog dedicated to sustaining our future.
Please take a moment to review our blog
and sent to us your post.
We invite you to discuss on the topic
Sincerely Yours
Thomas O'Neill


Heli said...

Hi Thomas,

Congrats on getting your campaign going in the Hawke's Bay and the opportunity to view your beginner blog! I am interested to read about your work and interests in the coming year.

Kind regards,



Thomas Arthur O'Neill said...

Dear Helena,
Thanks you very much indeed.
2008 is shaping up to be year of many changes. The Alliance and its policies may be a bridge head to a sustainable environment and equal society.
One of my fields of interest is peak oil. I well endeavour to expand on this and how we can have a fair economy in the new "limits to growth" economic environment.

Thomas O'Neill
Tukituki electorate candidate.

kereru said...

best wishes for the campaign photo where was that taken ?? I`d vote for anyone looking like sir ed ..
cheers alan

cbmilne33 said...

Congratulations on joining the political blogosphere.